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The CBT Clinic at CFIR: Seeking Psychologists (Autonomous and/or Supervised Practice Candidates)

By January 18, 2023Job Opportunities

The Centre for Interpersonal Relationships (CFIR-Ottawa & CFIR-Toronto) is currently seeking autonomous practice or supervised practiced psychologists to join The CBT Clinic at CFIR.

In January 2023, CFIR will be opening its doors to The CBT Clinic, which will provide gold standard CBT evidence-based approaches aimed at reducing client distress within  8-20 sessions.  A treatment manual and CFIR branded worksheets that can be sent to clients through our electronic client-portal will be provided.

We are seeking clinicians who are already trained in CBT and third wave approaches and who would be interested in being a part of The CBT Clinic team. We provide a supportive peer environment for knowledge sharing and consultations within the context of our newly renovated warm and friendly office environment.

Psychologists with an existing private practice interested in discovering the numerous benefits and advantages of a group practice are welcome to contact us for further information (e.g., the significant administrative and marketing services provided to clinicians, competitive associate fees, professional development and training opportunities).

For individuals interested in supervised practice, contact us to find out why numerous supervised practice clinicians are choosing to make CFIR their home for their new practices (e.g., opportunities to receive training in any CPO-recognized competency areas, a steady flow of clients that ensures completion of the licensing process, support in preparing for CPO licensing exams and the oral exam, access to all learning and training opportunities provided to CFIR Associates).

Psychologists and supervised practice candidates who are interested in becoming a CFIR associate can submit their CVs to François Levert, M.A., R.P., Centre Director, Associate Relations, at [email protected].