Privacy Policy

The Ottawa Academy of Psychology (OAP) is an association of Registered Psychologists and Psychological Associates who practice in the Ottawa area. Founded in 1976, the purpose of the OAP is to maintain a network for members, offer continuing education for professionals, and provide the public with access to psychological information and services through an on-line searchable Membership Directory ( and a telephone Information and Referral Service (613-235-2529). Through the functions of the Referral Service and maintenance of membership information, private information is gathered.

Referral Service:
The telephone referral service and on-line directory of members enable the public to find a psychology practitioner. The on-line directory is in the public domain and the OAP does not receive information about who uses this web-site. Three volunteer members of the Executive of the OAP operate the telephone referral service. These Psychologists check and respond to messages left a few times per week and provide the names of psychology practitioners in the area who are an appropriate fit with the request made. Information provided on the telephone referral line (such as name of caller, phone number, and nature of request) is retained only until the referral information has been provided. During that period this information is kept in the secure environment of either a locked cabinet or stored electronically with appropriate encryption software. Once a referral is made, no identifying information is retained. Only aggregate information is collected (i.e., number of calls, nature of request, referral provided). The OAP does not provide clinical health services and, consequently, does not retain personal health information.

Membership Information:
To become a member of the OAP, potential members must complete a membership application form. The required information includes: work address and contact information, areas of practice, and registration status. Membership information is retained by members of the executive of the OAP. Members have the option to post their practice information on our on-line directory. Members also have the right to access their personal information to ensure accuracy and to review or update their information.

E-mail is used as the primary mode of communicating with our membership. Only members of the OAP Executive use members’ e-mail addresses for the purpose of communicating with members. We do not share members’ e-mail addresses with other organizations or with the public. If members do not wish to receive e-mail communications, they may notify our President and Communications Director, Dr. Cathy Kerzner, [email protected]

Privacy Officer: Any privacy concerns may be addressed to Dr. Jan Heney, our privacy officer for the year 2013. A message may left for her at 613-244-9934.