Psychologists Mentorship Group

The Ottawa Academy of Psychology is pleased to announce that it sponsors a Mentorship Group for early career psychologists. Early Career Psychologists are those who are recently licensed or are in their licensing year.

The Mentors for the group are Dr. Iris Jackson, Dr. Larry Cebulski, Dr. Danielle Ransom, and Dr. Paul Basevitz who graciously give of their time and expertise. The Group meets once a month on Monday evening from 7 pm to 9 pm. Topics of discussion include preparation through the licensing process, the ethical development of private practices, being an expert witness, and the application of jurisprudence issues in daily practice. As well, there are occasional guest speakers.

The Mentorship Group is open to new members. To join, or to enquire further about the current schedule, please contact Dr. Danielle Ransom (613 807-2076 or [email protected]). Alternatively, interested individuals can contact one of the other mentors directly.

Membership in the Mentorship Group is a member benefit of joining the Academy. The Group functions under the auspices of the Academy with the Academy taking care of the relevant expenses of rent, advertising etc. (The Mentors offer their time and expertise pro bono.)

An application form to become a member of the Academy can be downloaded off the web site, or is otherwise available by contacting one of the Mentors.