Seeking Autonomous Practice Psychologists, Supervised Practice Candidates, and Psychometrists

By January 31, 2024Job Opportunities

The Centre for Interpersonal Relationships-Centre pour les relations interpersonnelles (CFIR-CPRI) is currently seeking both English and French-speaking autonomous practice or supervised practiced psychologists (i.e., child, adolescent, adult, couple, family, neuropsychology, health, rehabilitation) and psychometrists to join our multidisciplinary team of clinicians providing services in-person at our offices in downtown Ottawa, and Toronto, Ontario. New Centres are expected to open in late fall 2023 and 2024 in St. Catharines and Mississauga, Ontario.

Our Centre further provides opportunities for psychologists to engage in the training of advanced level graduate students, doctoral residents (recently accredited by CPA as a doctoral residency) or supervised practice candidates.

For CFIR-CPRI (Treatment and Assessment Services):  We are currently seeking individuals who are open to building their clinical practice in the provision of both treatment and/or assessment services. Candidates interested in providing treatment at CFIR-CPRI should be already trained in a variety of treatment options and demonstrate some interest in working within an integrative treatment framework (i.e., psychodynamic/psychoanalytic/attachment, relational, trauma-informed, polyvagal-informed, CBT (1st, 2nd, 3rd Wave), EFT, post-modern, anti-oppressive frameworks, and systems theory). It is sufficient for a candidate to have been trained in only few of these modalities although interested candidates must demonstrate an openness and curiosity about the integration of multiple approaches in their clinical practice, including the significance of a developmental understanding of disorders.

For CBT Clinic at CFIR-CPRI:  In January 2023, CFIR-CPRI opened The CBT Clinic, a community of CFIR-CPRI clinicians sharing in the practice of evidence-based CBT approaches. A CBT Treatment Manual and worksheets are available to clinicians operating within this clinic. We are seeking clinicians interested in CBT, DBT, ACT, and MBSR. Opportunities to present workshops to residents, and to supervise advanced graduate students, doctoral residents and supervised practice psychologists will be made available. We also provide a supportive environment for knowledge sharing, continuing education, and a number of ongoing peer consultation groups from this framework.

Psychologists with an existing private practice interested in discovering the numerous benefits and advantages of a group practice are welcome to contact us for further information (e.g., the significant administrative and marketing services provided to clinicians, competitive associate fees, professional development and training opportunities, consultation groups, and supervision opportunities).

For individuals interested in supervised practice, contact us to find out why numerous supervised practice clinicians are choosing to make CFIR-CPRI or The CBT Clinic within CFIR-CPRI their home for their new practices (e.g., opportunities to receive training in any CPO-recognized competency areas, a steady flow of clients that ensures completion of the licensing process, support in preparing for CPO licensing exams and the oral exam, access to all learning and training opportunities provided to CFIR-CPRI Associates).

Psychologists, supervised practice candidates, and psychometrists (especially those with training in cognitive assessments such as the WISC-5 and WAIS-IV) who are interested in becoming an Associate of CFIR-CPRI (indicate whether you are applying to become an Associate of CFIR-CPRI or The CBT Clinic at CFIR-CPRI) can submit their CVs to  Dr. Lila Hakim, C.Psych., at [email protected], Vice President, Client Services.